​After receiving a BANDthology Board game last Christmas, I was thrilled to find out how much we loved
playing it... so much that I procured the game for sale in my own store chain, AXE Music. After finding out
this great game was the brainchild of a local Calgary group the next step was to hire their show, and have
their brand of excitement to our annual Merry AXEmas party, a great decision on my part...
The show was spectacular, all ages of my staff...loved the interactivity and the FUN FACTOR they brought
with them. The atmosphere was electric as the staff was drawn into games and charades and role
playing - not a dull moment was had by anyone in AXEtendance...
If you want an AXEciting night, full of fun and great team building activities... then BANDthology is a
most AXEcellent choice for a great evening!!!

Brian M. Cymbaluk
Partner, Director of Operations
AXE Music Incorporated




​“We gathered a group of journalists together – many of whom had never met before – and needed an
icebreaker. Within minutes of the start of Bandthology’s performance, the audience was laughing and
interacting. They stayed engaged through the entire event.
“Journalists are a tough crowd, but the folks at Bandthology won their favour on the first try.
Everyone had a great time.”

Doug Firby- Sunshine Village –Associate Director, Communications, Media and Marketing