About BANDthology Music Games

BANDthology was developed in Canada and launched just prior to Christmas 2007. The game was first conceived by Cal Wilson and Geo Major while working together on a movie set. The music-loving pair started asking each other questions over their headsets to pass the time between set-ups. “Can you name a song with the word “run” in the title, name a music artist with a number in their name”? Before long, the entire cast & crew would greet the pair each morning by asking, “What is the category…?”
The frequent comment from players is that the game is “highly addictive.” Music is the ultimate connector and BANDthology® is the ultimate game for music lovers of all ages and different music interests. Teen players can pit their Sum 41 or Taylor Swift knowledge against Mom and Dad’s Rush or Beatles expertise.
The board game, BANDthology, combines unique Open Ended “Play” cards,
(name a song title/ music artist with the word “Blue”), “Musicology” trivia cards, fun “Now What” cards, which help or hinder you and hilarious charade style “Now What Auditions”! The object of the game is to have as much FUN as humanly possible while being the first individual or team to collect 6 musicians to form your own SUPERGROUP!

BANDthology LIVE! was created after a request by a friend asking "Can you play the game in front of an audience for a corporate event?".

Of course we said YES! and went on to design and produce the live game for larger audiences with lots of audience interaction and laughter.